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I have been within the world of Financial Crime Prevention (FCP), Sanctions/Counter Terrorist Financing (CTF) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) for around 12 years. I believe in what I do with a passion, and am motivated and driven to go beyond what anyone expects from me to provide the best possible service, whilst at the same time helping others grow.

I started my career from the police, and then transferred in the banking sector, it was indeed a culture shock, moving from the public sector into the private/corporate world, but it was equally exhilarating. While many of my ex-colleagues went back into the police, I persevered and saw everything as a challenge to overcome. It wasn’t easy, but I can truly say, it was indeed worth it.

I have always been inclined to help others along the way, creating this website is no-different. I started by placing ad-hoc posts on LinkedIn on my day-to-day realisations and struggles, it wasn’t long before I started getting regular emails and enquires on various areas of Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC).

Although LinkedIn is a great site for writing posts, I couldn’t segregate the specified sections so my posts were all ending up as one massive blog-site. I have therefore created this website to organise my thoughts and create free training videos, free network seminars and I would like to create yearly meet-ups or charity events so we can have a chance to give back to the community while strengthen our GRC network.


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