What is coaching???

Free CBT and NLP courses

Coaching is:  “A conversational dance”

An NLP coach explores how the client thinks and acts when in various ‘states’ by looking into:

  • Emotions, Perceptions,  Meanings, Understandings, Beliefs, Values, Behaviors, Activities, Choices, Decisions, Connections, structures etc

By the asking thought provoking questions that are:

  • Validating, challenging, motivating, probing, provoking, awakening, co-creating, actualizing, reinforcing & testing

And using these findings to EMPOWER the client to:

  • Providing the client the necessary ‘tools’ for them to life to the fullest potential
  • Help leverage their gifts and telnets at an accelerated rate then they could do alone
  • Become more self-aware, therefore in harmony with their internal selves
  • Set future Goals that the client thought would have been unachievable or too challenging to achieve before the initial meeting

Coaching is not proven to produce a return on investment (ROI) – Coaching GENERATES solid ROI for clients

According to the 2009ICF Global Coaching Client Study, the…

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