Exceptional article from my dear friend who clearly speak from his own experience

Direct Your Own Life

Life is filled with one reaction after another. Everything seems to be stressful and the aspect of ‘flying off the handle’ or ‘having a knee-jerk reaction’ to something seems to be fairly acceptable these days. Well, if happens too often, we can always get a pill prescribed as seems to be the way in these stressful times..

But really there seems to be a heart condition that is far more spiritual, in nature, than is physical. Although, it has been proven that our stress of being reactive to every thing can, indeed, lead to physical ailments.

What, then, is at the heart of such a rapid decline of civility within ourselves that translates outward into our reality? Why do we find ways to be insulted and grouped together in our victimization?

Is it that we really desire that connection, even if it is through stress of living? Maybe technology has…

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