Finding your inner success

Since making some simple changes in my life I’ve realised my dreams and my dreams are manifesting as I become the person I have always wanted to be. I’ve found my perfect partner and changed careers into one that I had previously only dreamt of. I have managed to double my income every five years, that includes being unemployed for 11 months where I utilised my time immersed in self development books, practicing the theories and bettering myself each and every month that goes by.

I’m on my path of living the life I want to live. Now, I want to pass on my secrets to others because, I did not have anyone help and support me through my learning and believe me, when you have not the support of other like-minded people, life becomes a struggle, so much that in the end you stop trying before you even start only to let life pass you by.

My mission is to create a society of successful people, helping and supporting each other becoming the person they have always wanted to become. A genuine support network without politics or negative thinking, almost like an educational establishment, where people can come, join gain the best advice and make the life of their dreams.

When you go through this process may I respectfully suggest dedicating some time to this process by doing the homework, daily practices (rituals) as well as set-time with discipline and persistence because, mark my words, your life will change how you want it to be, but first you have to change.. Only when your comfort zone increases into your stretch zone, will your wealth increase.

Let me show the methods you can use to “make the rest of your life, the best of your life”.

Realising where you truly are at

I know i have discussed this before and all the masters of this subject talk about this realisation, its only because it is one of the most important steps to changing ones life. We hold grudges and these grudges become toxic if they have been held for so long, to a point where we program our brain to dislike, even hate. I don’t need to tell you living in hate is not only unpleasant but a toxic live we’re there is nothing but paranoia and loneliness.

So, before you do anything, you need to take a realistic view of where you are and why you are feeling how you are feeling. This type of deep thinking takes time to do, I recommend dedicating some serious journal time on this subject, because we are where we are in life as a result of our decisions in reaction to a situation life has put before us.

Prior to me making or the first step I did to make positive change in my life, I firstly had to be honest with myself and truthfully address where I was at the time without blaming others or myself, respecting and most importantly LOVING myself so I could forgive others so-called hurt/untoward impact that placed blockages in my life creating pain or fear when considering certain areas of change.

This was one of the single most difficult things I had to go through as I had always found a way to blame other factors for where I was in my life, for example:

The economy,
The government,
My employers,
My parents,
My teachers,
The bullies from my childhood

It’s easy to blame these external factors but it takes much more to look at ourselves in a constructive manner. i.e. It was not until I was told by a number of senior monks the single most powerful message,

“the more you become self-realised, the more your worries will disappear and you will know your purpose in life… before you externally manifest a blissful life, you have to become blissful from within by becoming self-aware”

Many of the most successful people in the World have the same philosophy. Jim Rohn the World famous business philosopher stated,

“Success is not something you pursue, it is something you attract by the person you become…by becoming an attractive person.”

I failed many times during my first steps to become this person but as soon as I stopped looking for someone to blame and started to point the finger deep within myself, I began to make real progress, then everything fell into place.

First things first, get yourself a journal, not a computerised one, but one that you can physically write. You’ll need to write with pen on paper is because we are about to embark on a journey. The answers to some of the questions can be written, drawn or in the form of flowcharts and any other way you express yourself. For further details on writing a journal, please refer to my mini-course on, ‘keeping a journal’ part 1 (an introduction) has just been released prior to this article.

know thyself:

Now, I want you to take a moment to answer a few questions, please answer following a process of deep reflection and in a sober mind. By answering honestly and thoughtfully you take the first step in understanding your strengths and weaknesses and improving your life.

“Who am I truthfully, without any external influences, who am I?
“What makes me tick, excited, sad, happy, passionate, etc?”
What are my values?
What are my beliefs?
“What are my strengths and weaknesses?”
“What do I really want out of my life?”
“If I was to die tomorrow, would I have died knowing I have fulfilled my life’s ambition?”
“Knowing what I now know, would I have made the same choices as I did five years ago or would I get into it again today?”[Brian Tracy – Eat that frog]

These questions can be applied to a number of aspects to your life, including relationships, work, business, sports, financial assets etc. The moment I asked myself the above questions, answered honestly and acted upon it, my life undertook measurable changes. I stopped being in debt, I began to work on my career, I lost that excess fat and I promised myself to find bliss in life (that thing that gets me out of bed on a Monday with the same excitement as if it was Christmas day).

Today, I am so grateful and happy to state, I’ve stayed at the same waist size as I achieved five years ago (give and take the fluctuating few weeks in the festive season 😉 what can I say, I live to enjoy life), my energy levels are through the roof on a daily basis, I help teenagers learn about taking responsibility of their lives and I jump out of bed in the mornings excited of what the new day can bring. All of this change simply from being honest at answering these questions and having that burning desire to change my life for the better.

When I first started to consider changing areas of my life I had many thoughts and fears of which I’m sure will also experience;

What will happen if I follow my heart when it doesn’t seem practical?
I’m safe where I am why should I take the risk?
Shall I give up the safety predictable existence of my 8-4 job?
What if I do not generate enough income as I do in my current role?
What if I fail?
What if I find I don’t enjoy it after all?
What will my friends and family say?
Where would I start?

It’s too easy to let these fears engulf you, but by playing it safe you’ll never reach your true potential and discover your purpose. So always remember this;

“if we do what we have always done, we get what we have always got, for things to change we have to change, for things to get better we have to get better”



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