10 reasons to get your fitness levels on

“Lead a life of your own design, on your own terms – not one that others, or the environment have scripted for you” – Anthony Robbins

It is scientifically proven that working out, increases our happiness levels

Spanish Model
As well as having the gift of life, we also have the gift of being a sculptor, we can sculpt our body to any shape we want, just like with our lives, we can create a beautiful piece of art if we so desire.
I always find whenever I make time to visit the gym regularly, I always find myself far less stressed, stay physically relaxed and when feeling angry, fearful or sorrowful, I breath evenly and fully therefore staying in control of my emotions by keeping my body relaxed.
We have much more control over our behaviour than we do over our thoughts or emotions so paradoxically the best way to master our emotions is to let them be, stay relaxed, and focus on constructive action. Although motivation comes in phases, disciplining our minds (and work schedules) to spend that time in the gym and working out at least 30 mins will become a habit when stuck to for 30 days.
Man on beach

Give yourself 9 months and you’ll be surprised at the results

Consistency is the key

It can be described as “The Training Effect” in the fact that our body (and mind) will accommodate itself to the load or stress we put on it. If we suddenly decide to start training for a marathon, on the first day of training we may not be able to get past the first 100 meters but if we consistently show up and go that bit beyond your current comfortable threshold (stretch zone again), over time we will develop the ability to run that marathon and beyond. Alternatively, using that same rule, if we just lounge on the couch all day our body will accommodate to that and literally become a couch potato.
Always make sure one is consistent rather than intense, I often used to have problems finding the time to work-out, so when I did I’d to go crazy ‘Rocky-Style’ and then not show up for about a month later. This was not good as all I brought to my body and mind was pain. It is far better to train a little less intense (until one has gotten their body into that flexible stage where further stress will not cause injury), but more consistently, i.e. step-by-step.

10 great reasons why you should work out consistently:

  1. More optimistic 
 – January/February blues? Before you ask your GP for a course of mind-mangling , troublesome antidepressants or a quick dose of Valium, try this natural solution: exercise three times a week. Working out releases your body’s happy hormones (serotonin and norepinephrine) so you’ll be more positive, less stressed and relaxed.
  2. Live longer
 – Exercise can reduce the risk of obesity, heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes and cancer.  Eat well and exercise…it’s isn’t rocket science!
  3. Stronger immune system – Working our builds muscle tissue, which makes you stronger, protects your bones and helps burn body fat.It will also help you with many illnesses and potential health problems such as high tension, blocked arteries, skin and digestive disorders.
  4. Become more confident
 – People who exercise have greater self-esteem and are more satisfied with their bodies, according to research. Being more confident will make you more comfortable in the company of women and men because you feel great, your skin radiates and in turn you become many a persons object of desire. You’ll develop a natural following because you’ll be a happier person and do things with a smile
  5. Become smarter
 – Exercise was found to stimulate the growth of new brain cells following a scientific study undertaken it also helps get you away from that mind-numbing TV and other unhealthy, addictive and other such dull activities.
  6. A better lover
 – A good workout gets the blood pumping around your body for up to several hours after you’ve finished training. Exercise makes you much more likely to feel ‘in the mood’ let alone working out and building a good body in-turn makes you more attractive to the opposite sex.
  7. Lose weight safely
 – Forget that yo-yo crash diet, why not shed pounds without harming your health, by hitting the gym. Studies have shown that working out releases appetite-suppressing hormones so you can do it without feeling that you’re starving yourself.
  8. Meet new people – Working out can help you socialize and build a new network of like-minded, healthy friends because you’ll feel more energetic and as you feel great you’ll attract more friends in your life.
  9. Sleep better
 – Exercise moderately and not only will you sleep better, you’ll fall asleep more quickly too. Zzzzzz…
  10. Help get a promotion
 – Hello bigger office and yes please pay rise. The first rule of trying to get a promotion is to not take too many days off. According to business advisory firm Deloitte, those who exercise for 150 minutes each week take fewer sick days than those who don’t. The second rule is to do good work. Exercise can also help here because it increases the blood flow to your brain, aiding concentration. keeps you fit and young. Helps your posture, stamina and overall “being”. Who in their right mind would not promote someone who possesses all the above qualities?
six pack

Become your ideal self

So, make a change today, put work-out time in your diaries today. Either start running or join a gym (whichever you prefer) and train for 3 times a week every week. In 2 months, you will wonder why you were putting it off. Life is short and flies by. Improve the quality of your life from today by joining a gym.

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