Once you realise your purpose

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Create your own path

Following an article posted at the start of this month, ’Start from where you are’, I wish to explain further what to do for planning your goals now. If you have not read the above article prior to this then my advice would be to read it (or at least speed read through it) so you can understand what I am talking about in the following:

The Ultimate you


Now let’s discuss the next step, planning your journey. Have you started journalling yet? (please say YES!)

Once you know what your purpose is, then project yourself in the future to a point when you have acquired your purpose or goal, you are living that dream, you’re doing that thing you wanted to pursue your whole life. Now in this frame of mind, think and write down: Where are you? What are you doing? What do you hear? What do you smell? What do you look like? What do your surroundings look like? Where are you living? How are you dressed? Use your senses of seeing, hearing, feeling and doing, what is that like? Then look into how your friends and family look or act towards you, the same ones that thought you were mad to pursue this purpose are now proud to see how far you’ve come and at your success.

Take some time out and write in your journal what you have just experienced, be specific, write in detail what you have achieved and overcome to get to your future self. Now, come back to today and think, if you carried on doing what you are currently doing, where would your life be in the next 5-10 years? Compared to how happy you will be when you follow your purpose in life. Dependent on your goal, I’m guessing you would have already achieved it or well on the way of achieving it. I had a similar experience, and I planned my 5-10 year goals, I was shocked to find almost all of them achieved within three years, it’s an amazing realisation how focusing all our energies in one direction seems to propel us forward to meeting the right people, right circumstances and the opportunities come to us once we set a definite purpose. I cannot emphasise enough how important this process is, (please refer to my future article ‘Keeping a Journal’ which will help guide you on this process).

Setting your goals

Our confidence combined with our ability to succeed is what propels us forward to achieve our goals. We must develop an “I can be whoever I choose to be!” attitude.

As a teenager I spent some time as a celibate monk where I first came into contact with this way of thinking. When I first met a senior monk within the monastery, it was one of the

most magical experiences of my life. The following is part of my many teachings within that World mixed in with the language of the corporate World and my own personal experiences.

Think about it for a moment, to construct anything you need a plan and a process for one to acquire the correct material before one can go ahead and build anything. In the business World it’s known as a Business Plan, when building a house it’s called a ‘blue print’. When building that house we require the services of an architect to construct a drawing. Imagine building a house without it, the builders will be running around in chaos not knowing where they are going or what to do next. But when guided by a plan the builders can progress in an orderly fashion, from one task to the next, and a project manager to lead the builders ensuring, say, the roof is not on before building the walls, (please refer to my future article ‘Goal Setting’ which will help guide you on this process).


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