Responsibility = Satisfaction


It’s a fact: Responsibility does create results.

Now lets look at this word, Responsible for a minute… So when we are Response-able, meaning ‘able to respond’ we are therefore acting by taking charge of our lives. As a result of which we are being ‘accountable’ for our actions due to this responsible approach to the results of our lives, which provides not only the results we want, but within a very short space of time.

Being responsible means ‘being proactive’

Stephen R Covey states in his book, 7 habits of highly successful people, “Look at the word responsibility—’response-ability’—the ability to choose your response. Highly proactive people recognize that responsibility. They do not blame circumstances, conditions, or conditioning for their behavior. Their behavior is a product of their own conscious choice, based on values, rather than a product of their conditions, based on feeling.

Be Proactive. That is indeed  the first habit. By “be proactive”? I mean, to simply be “response-able”—to be capable of consciously choosing how you respond to any given situation.

As Brian Johnson from ‘Philosophers Notes’ states; Unlike a Pavlovian dog—mindlessly responding to a given stimulus in your life. What I mean is  to step BETWEEN the normal stimulus—> response patterns of your life and CHOOSE a new response to a given stimulus.

So… How can you be more proactive and less reactive today? I mean to ‘pay attention’ to all your responsive actions throughout the moments of the day. Are you honouring your commitments or are you making commitments you do not want to make because you have no intention on following them through.

For some reason we tend to have a difficult time keeping promises to ourselves, but most people absolutely hate breaking commitments with others, so why do we have less respect for ourselves then to others?

Please note, your integrity to the commitments you make is one of (perhaps the most important) factors in achieving a consistent level of joy and happiness in your life.

You may not be consciously aware, if you have a string of (or hundreds of) broken commitments over a day/week/month/year/decade, you are energetically drowning in the weight of this lack in integrity. Therefore feel more annoyed with everyone, stressed and generally unhappy with everything in your life, blaming external circumstances, not realising its coming from within yourself.

Whether it was getting up at a certain time this morning, missing a gym class or following a certain routine, etc. By not honoring those commitments, you are, not going to get very far in your life. At least not in the eyes of yourself, your work colleagues or your friends and family members.

Good news is that the solution is simple as well: Start honoring your commitments.

Recommendation: Make an inventory of the commitments you have outstanding right now and get on completing those,therefore start taking charge of your life (starting however small) and start taking responsibility for the results to come through.


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